Container of 7 Elements Certified Soybeans

approx 800 bushels of 7 Elements Certified deforestation-free soybeans, loaded in a 20ft container FOB Manly, Iowa

12000.00 12000.0 USD 12000.00


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    Delivery varies on product and location. Call us for details.

    FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!! -- Quantity 1 available for 2020

    7 Elements Certified deforestation free soybeans, with options for carbon-free delivery via investments in clean, renewable wind-generated ammonia for container ships and ag fertilizer produced with equipment supplied by Proton Ventures BV.

    Discounts available for Blockchain payments and end-to-end supply chain transparency.

    Click 'add to cart' and enter your information or call now to arrange pre-orders for soybeans for future crop years and direct-to-farm carbon credits. You will get a higher quality product shipped directly, and pay substantially less for the same confirmed carbon offsets or direct carbon-free transportation as you would through a carbon market broker.

    Go direct to the source, to the farmers who work the soil and build solar powered tractors to grow your food.

    Note: Product includes 1-2% soybean pods and up to 1% other non-soybean matter consisting mostly of small grass seed due to regenerative polyculture growing practices. Please contact us or plan a visit to the farm to learn more about what makes 7 Elements Certified better for both your human and feed grade soybean uses.